Ultra-High Field Neuro MRI: New standard work on neuro imaging with ELH contributions

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  • 08/24/2023

Recent decades have seen a rapid leaps forward in ultra-high field MRI. Research and development on 7 Tesla MRIs is taking place at more and more locations worldwide, and even clinical use is now permitted - at least to a limited extent.

Neuro imaging accounts for a large share of imaging at 7T. High time for a new standard work, thought the editors Karin Markenroth Bloch, Maxime Guye and Erwin L. Hahn Institute alumni Benedikt A. Poser. "Ultra-High Field Neuro MRI" devotes 626 pages not only to fundamental questions about MR physics, but also focuses in particular on working with the 7T field strength, its challenges and advantages, as well as practical applications in neuroimaging.

The ELH is not only represented by Benedikt Poser. ELH scientists Oliver Kraff and Stephan Orzada co-authored the chapter "Practical considerations on ultra-high field safety". ELH Director David Norris and ELH-PI Mark Ladd wrote the future outlook "Human MR at extremely high field strengths", and ELH-PI Dagmar Timmann contributed to the chapter "Cerebellar imaging".

The book is aimed at scientists and users interested in UHF neuroimaging and its possibilities and further development.

626 pages
2023 Academic Press Inc
ISBN: 978-0-323-99898-7