EHLers, Start Your Engines: The ELH Goes Karting

  • 07/09/2024

Changing tracks on the company outing: after tracing the path of coal from the mine to steel in previous years, this time the ELH was off to the races.

The suggestions for the company outing - ranging from an alpaca hike to a visit to the Nachtigall colliery in the Muttental valley - were passionately discussed among colleagues in the run-up to the event, and voted on in the end. Karting emerged as the clear winner, and so the ELH Racing Team set off for the Daytona kart track in Essen on the afternoon of 3 July 2024. After a short briefing, the team set off and after a five-minute qualifying lap, the twenty-minute race began. Every place was fiercely contested until Harald Quick, Kim Jotzo and Stefan Maderwald crossed the finish line first, one after the other.

During the subsequent dinner in the "Dampfe", every corner and every overtaking manoeuvre was meticulously discussed in a good atmosphere. The evening ended with delicious schnitzels, steaks and burgers.

What will we do next year for our company outing? We don't know yet. But we hope it will be just as much fun.