Research Groups

Research Groups

The interdisciplinary approach of the Erwin L. Hahn Institute for MRI in the field of ultra-high-field MRI is characterised in particular by the various research groups, which illustrate the focal points "Body" and "Brain" in a variety of ways.

PI groups

Group Banner - U. Bingel

Pain Research

U. Bingel

Pain research focus on the interaction between pain and cognitive processes.

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Group Banner - M. Brand

Cognitive Neuroscience

M. Brand

The research group examines neural connections between knowledge based processes and impulsive (emotional) processes using fMRI. The researchers pay special attention to the neural mechanisms of decision-making and their interactions with control processes and emotions.

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Group Banner - D. G. Norris

Neuroimaging Techniques

D. G. Norris

The main emphasis of this PI Group lies on development and application of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in cognitive neuroscience and neurology.

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Group Banner - H. H. Quick

UHF Methodology and Hardware

H. H. Quick

The research group develops and assesses new methods and hardware to broaden the spectrum of 7-Tesla ultrahigh-field magnetic resonance imaging. The researchers simulate, design and evaluate new multi-channel radiofrequency coils.

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Group Banner - T. W. J. Scheenen

Body oncology

T. W. J. Scheenen

Prof. Dr. Scheenen’s research focus lies in the use of in vivo magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy for oncological applications, e.g. to diagnose prostate cancer.

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Group Banner - O. Güntürkün


O. Güntürkün

Biopsychology examines the impact of biological mechanisms of the body on the behaviour of humans and animals. Prof. Dr. Dr. Güntürkün pays special attention to the fact that different species with diverse brains produce similar behavior and works with pigeons, humans, dolphins, crocodiles and corvids.

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associated PI groups

Group Banner - M. E. Ladd

RF manipulation

M. E. Ladd

Prof. Dr. Ladd’s research group develops methods and technologies to enable 7 Tesla examinations throughout the body.

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Group Banner - D. Timmann

Cerebellar Research

D. Timmann

Prof. Dr. Timmann’s group studies the physiology and pathophysiology of the human cerebellum and in particular its involvement in motor, emotional and cognitive functions.

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Group Banner - N. Axmacher

Memory and Navigation

N. Axmacher

The research group investigates neural mechanisms of the memory and spatial navigation. Main focus lies on the differences of neural mechanisms of healthy subjects and subjects with neurocognitive changes through post-traumatic stress disorder and early Alzheimer‘s disease.

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