Prof. Dr. Timmann made honorary member of the DHAG

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  • 05/04/2023

ELH-PI Prof. Dr. Timmann from the University Medical Centre Essen has been awarded honorary membership of the German Heredo-Ataxia Society e.V. on 23.4.2023 "in recognition of her dedicated work since the establishment of the Medical Advisory Board".

Prof. Timmann has been the head of the ataxia consultation hour in Essen since 2000. The ataxia consultation hour works closely with the Essen Centre for Rare Diseases (EZSE). In addition, the dedicated doctor heads the B-Centre for Hereditary Ataxias and Neuromuscular Diseases with Prof. Tim Hagenacker.

Prof. Timmann has been a member of the DHAG Medical Advisory Board since its foundation 26 years ago (1997), whose 40th anniversary (1983-2023) was celebrated at the weekend. As part of the anniversary, honorary membership was awarded to Prof Dr Dagmar Timmann, as well as Prof Ludger Schöls from Tübingen (Neurology) and Prof Christine Zühlke from Lübeck (Human Genetics).

Ataxia is a disease of the cerebellum that leads to impaired coordination of movement in those affected. Patients with ataxia often find it difficult to make specific movements or maintain balance because the impulses from the spinal cord cannot be passed on to the cerebellum or processed correctly by the cerebellum.